• Image of Secret Cutter - Secret Cutter LP

Self Titled by Secret Cutter

Calling this record ‘heavy’ sort of does it a dis-service. I mean, a dump truck full of landmines is ‘heavy’. This record needs some new word that implies heaviness beyond what I just mentioned. Also, if I’m not mistaken, this band is simply a vocalist, drummer, and guitarist who plays through two bands worth of guitar and bass cabs. So yeah… it’s something beyond heavy. There are plenty of bent and twisty riffs to go around. There are also sharp musical daggers being thrown recklessly at limbs, crushing drums doing a tap dance on your skull with brick-lined soles, and lots of down-tuned sludge pouring out of the speakers like some failed skyscraper collapsing in slow motion. And for some reason when I see the record cover I am reminded of Ministry or Skinny Puppy. There’s no logic behind it. It just looks like it could be from some 90’s industrial band. Don’t be fooled. This is whatever-new-word-I-have-that’s-heavier-than-heavy.

~Ryan, Hex Records

1. Mirror Mirror
2. Deformed Eye
3. 17.5 Dead Air
4. Craving the Silence
5. Vow of Poverty
6. Shake the Malevolent
7. Midtro
8. End of Sylvan
9. Headache Ball
10. Driftwood